Why Create your own Deck?

  • It's your number one marketing tool!

  • It gives you credibility as a leader in your niche

  • It provides an extra experience for your customer and potential clients

  • It's a great way to get your photography, art. or messages out to a wider audience

  • It's a truly magical experience sharing something special with the world

Become A Leader In Your Niche

Create Your Authentic Card Deck Now!

Say goodbye to uncertainty. Give yourself the power and confidence to bring your dream card deck to reality. Discover How To Create Your Ideal Deck with Maggie. You will learn how to turn your deck of cards into your number 01 marketing tool for your business.

Course curriculum

    1. What will we cover?

    2. Who is Maggie

    3. Course outline and introductory

    4. Welcome and introduction

    5. Video Presentation slide - No video

    6. Creativity meditation to inspire you into action

    7. Connect with Maggie on Socials

    1. Where Are You Now -Pre Course Commencement?

    2. Module 01 Valued Vision Video Tutorial

    3. Module 01 Video Presentation (PDF only)

    4. Module 01 Valued Vision Course Content

    5. Module 01 Valued Vision Workbook

    6. Module 01 Valued Vision Quiz

    7. Module 01 Valued Vision Survey

    1. Module 02 Peaceful Planning Video Tutorial

    2. Module 02 Video Presentation (PDF only)

    3. Module 02 Video (02) Extra options for packaging

    4. Module 02 Video- another option for packaging

    5. Module 02 Peaceful Planning Course Content

    6. Module 02 Workbook

    7. Module 02 Peaceful Planning quiz

    8. Module 02 Peaceful Planning Survey

    1. Module 03 Playful Printing Video Tutorial

    2. Module 03 Video Presentation (PDF only)

    3. Module 03 Playful Printing Course Content

    4. Module 03 Playful Printing Workbook

    5. Module 03 Playful Printing Quiz

    6. Module 03 Playful Printing Survey

    1. Module 04 Dazzling Designs Video Tutorial

    2. Module 04 Video Presentation (PDF only)

    3. Module 04 Dazzling Design Course Content

    4. Module 04 Dazzling Design Workbook

    5. Module 04 Dazzling Designs Quiz

    6. Module 04 Dazzling Design Survey

    1. Module 05 Carefree Creating Video Tutorial

    2. Module 05 Video Presentation (PDF only)

    3. Module 05 Carefree Creating Course Content

    4. Module 05 Carefree Creating Workbook

    5. Module 05 Carefree Creating Quiz

    6. Module 05 Carefree Creating Survey

About this course

  • $147.00
  • 63 lessons
  • 2.5 hours of video content

Extra Bonus material

Here are some extra bonus material you will get with this course

  • Bonus #01

    $97 value

    How I created possibly Australia’s first interactive card deck with an App. (A unique and entertaining interview with the App developer).

  • Bonus #02

    $97 value

    A cost calculator to assist you in calculating your cost and retail price.

  • Bonus # 03

    $79 value

    Two short meditations to get you in the right mindset.

Social proof: testimonials

“Margie O'hara is a phenomenal creator and artist which really shines through in her "Abundance Affirmation Card Creation Course." I feel really blessed to participate in her first launch, which was so incredibly well organised, and jam-packed full of great information. As a result I not only feel excited about getting my own card deck done for my business and clients, but feel really at ease with the step-by-step process from creating, to printing, and marketing. This course will definitely save you a lot of time, energy and (wasted) money as she shares her wisdom and wise words on how to avoid common (and costly) mistakes. If you want to get a card deck done for yourself personally or professionally (seriously such an awesome marketing tool), then I HIGHLY recommend this course; it's excellent value! Thank you so much Margie! So grateful 🙂”

Kakie J

“Margie put so much thought, detail and great information into this wonderful Abundant Affirmation Deck course. As a newbie to this sort of thing I now have so many inspirational ideas, knowledge about colours and fonts that work well together (and the ones that don't) placement of images, styles of cards and packaging, cost saving strategies that will save me lots of money, as well as best places to have the cards printed. Margie has so much knowledge and presented the course in an informative, fun and interactive way. I am so looking forward to the next level of training and would highly recommend this course to anyone wishing to make a special card set personally or for business purposes. Lavarna O'Malley🥰🌟🎨”

Lavarna O

“I was one of the lovely ladies fortunate enough to be the first to do the What The Deck! course with Margie and I found it to be so beneficial in many areas. It's a new thing to be looking at doing for business or just personal use. Margie presented it beautifully, and I learnt so much from this course about what is possible to add to use as a tool to promote your business. Learning about fonts, colours and typefaces plus so much more on marketing, how and where to get things printed all put into this great course. Margie's meditations were beautiful the words she used and the softness in her voice just beautiful. Totally recommend doing this course, be it for business or personal use. Thank you, Margie your a true gem xx”

Bernie R

“I took Margie’s affirmation card course after having wanted to create cards for quite some time. I have spent countless hours trying to work it out myself and have been unsure of which suppliers to use, as there are a lot of dodgy ones out there. Margie was able to give us reputable suppliers both Internationally and locally to fit any budget who she has used herself so she knows and understands the process and the quality of these suppliers. She taught us how to create the graphics for the deck to avoid many errors which would have been costly mistakes without her guidance. She taught so many things that I had not even considered at all. After doing the course with Margie, I feel that I can now confidently create my deck from start to finish and have them printed professionally, that people are going to absolutely love. So looking forward to seeing my ideas come to life. Thanks so much to Margie! Highly recommend taking her course if you are serious about creating your own affirmation cards. Definitely worth the investment. ☺️”

Dimity L

“I feel so fortunate to have been a part of Margie’s first version of her online course – Abundant Affirmation Decks. It was worth every minute and every cent!!! I know with confidence just how much time and money I will save moving forward with the creation of my own deck after everything she shared with us, and I feel a lot more confident with the whole process ahead of me. Margie’s presentation was very clear and straightforward and, most importantly, easy to grasp. If this is something on your radar, I would highly recommend doing it. You won’t look back.”

Kylie A

Why Do The Course With Me?

I am a digital artist with a design background and have created possibly Australia's first fully interactive card deck using Augmented Reality and an app to bring the cards to life.

My affirmation decks sell worldwide, and I have used both Australian printers for short runs and offshore for over 500. I sell and ship my affirmation cards worldwide from my studio and use them creatively as my #01 marketing tool. I am always looking for new ways to delight my customers.


  • Do I have to have a design background to create my own cards

    No! Not at all. I will show you how to use a program called Canva. You do not require any expensive design software. Canva has a FREE and a Pro subscription.

  • I have my ideas I just want to know where to get them printed

    I cover where I get my cards printed, both in Australia and offshore. I also have some Print on Demand companies I can recommend that I know are reliable. We will also cover off on some things you may not have thought about.

  • Do you get commissions from your recommendations?

    No, I am not affiliated with anyone I recommend, nor do they give me a discount. What I recommend is my honest opinion.

  • I have lots of ideas but don't know where to start

    Perfect then this is for you. I take you to the very start, and we work through why you want to create your cards and who for.

  • Have you actually done this yourself?

    Most definitely, several times. That's why I can guide you on this journey. I will share what I would do differently and what I have learnt along the way, saving you time and money. I have printed both locally in Australia for small print runs and also offshore in larger print runs.